Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Habana Labs launches its Gaudi AI training processor by Frederic Lardinois

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Habana Labs, a Tel Aviv-based AI processor startup, today announced its Gaudi AI training processor, which promises to easily beat GPU-based systems by a factor of four. While the individual Gaudi chips beat GPUs in raw performance, it’s the company’s networking technology that gives it the extra boost to reach its full potential.

Gaudi will be available as a standard PCIe card that supports eight ports of 100GB Ethernet, as well as a mezzanine card that is compliant with the relatively new Open Compute Project accelerator module specs. This card supports either the same 10 100GB Ethernet ports or 20 ports of 50GB Ethernet. The company is also launching a system with eight of these mezzanine cards.

Last year, Habana Labs previously launched its Goya inferencing solution. With Gaudi, it now offers a complete solution for businesses that want to use its hardware over GPUs with chips from the likes of Nvidia. Thanks to its specialized hardware, Gaudi easily beats an Nvidia T4 accelerator on most standard benchmarks — all while using less power.

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