Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Circuit Schematic Diagram Proximity Detecter Based on NE567 IC

ElcoHow. - This is one circuit schematic diagram of Proximity Detecter Based on NE567 IC that very useful for you who want to build your self proximity detector for your project in this time.

In this time, we will give you global description about this Proximity Detecter Based on NE567 IC like shown in Figure 1 below, beside we give you circuit schematic diagram and component parts used in this circuit.

Circuit Schematic Diagram

Component Parts

  1. NE567 IC
  2. Transistors
  3. Resistors
  4. Variable Resistor
  5. Capacitors
  6. LEDs


This is circuit schematic diagram of Proximity Detecter Based on NE567 IC that can help you to build your project in sensor or detector of Proximity now. The main component in this circuit is NE567 IC. 

According Circuitstoday site that also published this circuit describe that from the Figure 1 above show us that pin 8 is the output terminal of the internal output driver circuit inside the IC. This pin goes low when the input frequency to the IC (at pin3) is with in the detection band. Resistor R7  and capacitor C4 sets the frequency of oscillations. These oscillations are available at pin 5 and it is coupled to the terminal A of the pick up assembly using capacitor C3. Terminal B picks up the oscillations and couples it to the base of the transistor Q1 through capacitor C1. Q1 and Q2 forms a two stage collector to base biased 2 stage amplifier. R1 and R4 are the collector to base biasing resistors for Q1 and Q2. C2 couples the output of first stage to the second stage. The picked up signal is thus amplified and applied to the input pin (pin3) of the IC through capacitor C7. C6 forms the output filter capacitor and capacitor C5 determines the band width of the receiving signal. C9 is a power supply by pass capacitor. C2 and R2 provides a phase shift to the VCO signal from the IC and this phase shifted signal is detected by the IC. When some object comes near the pick up assembly, the capacitance between its terminals change. This change in capacitance changes the frequency ,IC detects this change and shows the  indication.  Resistor R8 limits the output LED current.

Now, you can read more about this Proximity Detecter Based on NE567 IC circuit schematic diagram, from original source using link here.

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