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Circuit Schematic Diagram of Advanced LED Temperature Indicator using LM35 IC

ElcoHow. - This is one circuit schematic diagram of Advanced LED Temperature Indicator using LM35 IC that very useful for you who want to build temperature using LED indicator.

In this time, we will give you global description about this Advanced LED Temperature Indicator using LM35 IC like in Figure 1 below, beside we give you circuit schematic diagram and component parts used in this circuit.

Circuit Schematic Diagram

Component Parts

  1. R1 = 1 kΩ potentiometer at 230 Ω
  2. R2, R7, R12, R13, R21 = 10 kΩ
  3. R3, R5, R6, R11 = 100 kΩ
  4. R4 = 10 kΩ potentiometer
  5. R8= 1 MΩ potentiometer
  6. R9 = 180 kΩ
  7. R10, R15 = 50 kΩ potentiometer
  8. R14 = 510 kΩ
  9. R16 = 3 kΩ potentiometer
  10. R17 = 15 kΩ
  11. R18 = 20 kΩ
  12. R19 = 10 kΩ potentiometer
  13. R20 = 1 kΩ potentiometer
  14. R22 – R28 = 220 Ω
  15. R29 – R31 = 1k Ω
  16. C1 = 1000 pF
  17. C2 = 100 pF
  18. C3, C6, C9 = 1 µF
  19. C4, C5, C7, C8, C10 = 0.01 µF
  20. C11 = 0.001 µF
  21. IC1 = LM334 temperature sensor
  22. IC2 = LF353 dual op-amp
  23. IC3 = Teledyne 9400 V/F convertor
  24. IC4 = 74LS00 NAND gate
  25. IC5, IC6, IC7 = NE/SE 555 timers
  26. IC8 = MC 14553 three-digit BCD counter
  27. IC9 = MC 14543 BCD-to-seven segment decoder/driver/latch
  28. Q1, Q2, Q3 = 2N1305 switching transistors
  29. D1, D2 = 1N914 signal diodes
  30. Three seven-segment common anode LEDs: MAN72A or equivalent


This is circuit schematic diagram of Advanced LED Temperature Indicator using LM35 IC that can help you to build advanced LED temperature indicator. The main component in this circuit is LM35 IC. 

According Electronicprojects site that this project illustrates the use of a V/F converter in monitoring temperature in degrees Fahrenheit (0F). The block diagram of the temperature indicator is shown in Figure 1-1. The indicator is composed of a temperature sensor, amplifier, V/F converter, three-digit binary-coded-decimal (BCD) counter, time base, and LED display In addition to the 9400 V/F converter, other ICs needed for this project include the LM334 temperature sensor, LF353 dual op-amp, NE555 timers, 74LS00 NAND gate, MC14553 three-digit BCD counter. MC14543 BCD-to-seven segment decoder/driver/latch and three seven-segment (common anode or common cathode) LED displays with three PNP switching transistors.

Now, you can read more about this Advanced LED Temperature Indicator using LM35 IC circuit schematic diagram, from original source using link here.

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