Tuesday, August 16, 2016

6V/0.5A Regulated Power Supply Circuit Schematic Diagram using LM7806 IC

ElcoHow. - This is one circuit schematic diagram of regulated power supply that can produce voltage and current output 6volt/ 0.5 A or 500mA that very useful for your electronic device that used this specification power supply.

Now, you can try using the circuit schematic diagram like in Figure 1 below to get this power supply that based on LM7806 voltage regulator that regulated the DC input from rectifier become +6volt with more than 500mA. So, with easy formula that we can get 3 watts from this power supply output power.

Circuit Schematic Diagram

Figure 1. 6V/0.5A Regulated Power Supply Circuit Schematic Diagram using LM7806 IC

Component Parts

  1. Transformer 1 A, 12 volt AC
  2. Diodes IN4004
  3. Capacitors 2200uF/35V and 47uF/16V
  4. IC LM7806
  5. Resistor 150 ohm
  6. LED
  7. Fuse


This is circuit schematic diagram of 6V/0.5A Regulated Power Supply using LM7806 IC that can help you to supply your electronic circuit with 6 Volt DC. The main component in this circuit is LM7806 that can regulate output voltage with 6V with 500mA. 

The LM7806 IC have three pins that called with pin input (1), pin ground (2), and pin output (3). The pin input come from the voltage after rectify by bridge diode and slow ripple with capacitor that produce voltage more than 12volt. Pin output will produce 6volt after regulate from Pin input with current 500mA like the characteristic of this LM7806. 

So, after connected with AC source 220 VAC the indicator LED will bright when the circuit right installed and you can ready using this circuit to supply the electronic device. Please note that it will perfect when you using heat sink to protect the LM7806 IC.

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