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How to Build Burglar Alarm using Arduino UNO and PIR Sensor

ElcoHow. - There are many application that can develop using Arduino UNO microcontroller. One application Arduino UNO is to Burglar Alarm using Arduino and PIR Sensor like in Figure 1 below.

In here we will give you one project on how to build Burglar Alarm using Arduino and PIR Sensor that like published by Circuitstoday site. Beside circuit schematic that appear here, you will redirect to original source to read more the listing program to produce the Arduino UNO work.

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Electronic Circuit
Component List
  1. Arduino UNO
  2. PIR Sensor

Electronic circuit like in Figure 1 above is Burglar Alarm using Arduino and PIR Sensor circuit. According Circuitstoday site that published this circuit describe that PIR Sensor – is the heart of this simple burglar alarm circuit using arduino. A PIR sensor – is basically a motion sensor or a motion detector which identifies any object that moves inside its range of view. PIR sensor identifies infra red radiations emitted by any object under its radar range.

Buzzer – is used to create a sound alarm when ever a movement is identified inside the range of PIR sensor. A transistor 2N2222 is used to drive the buzzer. The maximum current that can be sourced or sinked from an arduino pin is 20mA (the total current being 200mA from different pins). But the buzzer will need more than just 20mA for its proper functioning. So how to give the necessary current required fir buzzer ? We use switching transistor 2N222 for this purpose. It can act as a switch and at the same time it provides the required current amplification. A 2N2222 transistor with a gain of 100 can give upto 1A current at its output. Another purpose of using a transistor in between arduino pin and buzzer is isolation. A short circuit of the buzzer will destroy only the collector – emitter junction of transistor. Since their is isolation at the base region of transistor (base is connected to arduino), the destruction of collector-emitter junction will not affect base and hence our arduino will be safe from getting burned! The 100 ohms resistor at base is used to limit base current of transistor..


To build Burglar Alarm using Arduino UNO and PIR Sensor, you need some skill as follow:
  1. Basic soldering.
  2. Read a basic schematic.
  3. Assembling electronic component
  4. Design PCB layout
  5. Testing voltage and current
  6. Know PIR Sensor
  7. Microcontroller AT89S51 basic
  8. Microcontroller AT89S51 programming
Tools and Material

In this project, you must prepare some tools and material that used as the supporting to build Burglar Alarm using Arduino UNO and PIR Sensor as follow:
  1. Tools: soldering iron, cutter, multitester, and Project Board.
  2. Material: Tin, PCB
  3. Software like Proteus 8, PCB Wizard

When you want to realize this Burglar Alarm using Arduino UNO and PIR Sensor circuit into real application, you can build it as like design PCB layout using good software as like: PCB Wizard and to simulate and download this program to microcontroller you can use Proteus, AVR Studio 4, MIDE 51. 
How to do?

For more information about this project step-by-step you can follow this project of to build Burglar Alarm using Arduino UNO and PIR Sensor you can read below.
  1. Prepare electronic component listed, material and tools needed.
  2. Firstly you can simulate this circuit schematic or program listing using Proteus 8.4 for Windows.
  3. Firstly you can try this circuit using project board tool.
  4. After you surely with this circuit work properly, now you can begin with design PCB using PCB Wizard.
  5. After designed, now you can make the PCB layout to put these components. You can make PCB by your self or order it according your PCB layout design.
  6. Put all component to the PCB layout and soldering all component.
  7. Now you can test, input and output voltage and current from this circuit. 
  8. Then you can check and test the result of this project
Listing Program

Please click here to get the listing program to build Burglar Alarm using Arduino UNO and PIR Sensor from original source.

Thank you for your coming here in site, we hope the article above will help you to know more about your eletronic circuit design software and other. Please comment here when you want to share and other. Thank you.


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