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How to Build Transformerless Power Supply 30V 1A using Thyrirstor

ElcoHow. - There are two kinds of power supply according using transformer, these are using transformer and not using transformer or called with transformerless power supply. In here we will give you one project of power supply with the title How to Build Transformerless Power Supply 30V 1A using Thyrirstor. In here we will give you electronic circuit, component list, description, how to build, and some software that used to build this power supply.

Electronic Circuit
Component List
  1. Thyristor T6N600
  2. Resistors
  3. Capacitors
  4. Zener Diodes
  5. Diodes

Electronic circuit like in Figure 1 above is Transformerless Power Supply 30V 1A using Thyrirstor circuit. According Electroschematic site that published this circuit describe that this transformerless power supply circuit is designed for medium current applications. During the negative half period, the capacitor C5 is charged to peak voltage network.

The positive half wave will open the thyristor and the electric charge accumulated in C5 will be transferred in C4. The transport of electric charge through the thyristor begins when the voltage on C4 drop below a specified level of voltage (set by zener D4).
Thus the output voltage does not depend too much on the voltage variations or the output load.

The thyristor control signal is obtained as follows: main sinusoidal voltage is applied through capacitor C1 to D4 zener diodes that limit the voltage to 30 Vpp. Thyristor will trigger on the first front of the limited voltage that is applied through C2 – R2.

To build Transformerless Power Supply 30V 1A using Thyrirstor, you need some skill as follow:
  1. Basic soldering.
  2. Read a basic schematic.
  3. Assembling electronic component
  4. Design PCB layout
  5. Testing voltage and current
  6. Know Thyristor component
Tools and Material

In this project, you must prepare some tools and material that used as the supporting to build Transformerless Power Supply 30V 1A using Thyrirstor as follow:
  1. Tools: soldering iron, cutter, multitester, and Project Board.
  2. Material: Tin, PCB

When you want to realize this Transformerless Power Supply 30V 1A using Thyrirstor circuit into real application, you can build it as like design PCB layout using good software as like: PCB Wizard. 
How to do?

For more information about this project step-by-step you can follow this project of Transformerless Power Supply 30V 1A using Thyrirstor you can read below.
  1. Prepare electronic component listed, material and tools needed.
  2. Firstly you can try this circuit using project board tool.
  3. After you surely with this circuit work properly, now you can begin with design PCB using PCB Wizard.
  4. After designed, now you can make the PCB layout to put these components. You can make PCB by your self or order it according your PCB layout design.
  5. Put all component to the PCB layout and soldering all component.
  6. Now you can test, input and output voltage and current from this circuit. Please read caution below.
  • Do not put all semiconductor component like Zener, Diode, Thyristor.
  • Do not touch any electrical parts of this transformerless power supply

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