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How to Build Simple Power Bank to Charge Smartphone

ElcoHow. - Here is electronic project for you about how to build by your self simple power bank to charge your smartphone. We mention that this is simple because only need simple circuit electronic and simple material to support it. But in this project you should prepare battery as the power to charge your smartphone, like using cell battery.

Simple Power Bank to Charge Smartphone
(Source: Screenshot of Utakatikmikro Blog)

We think with this project, you can use this power bank as your preparing to charge your smartphone that change the commercial power bank. And now please you can follow step by step to build this power bank.

Note: that this project source from:, (2014/01/07)

Before you do your work to build this project, firstly please prepare the material, tools, and electronic circuit that used in this project like below.

  1. Pliers to cutting
  2. Pliers for cable cutter
  3. Screwdriver plus and minus
  4. Solder 
  5. Tin 
  6. Cell battery (cultivated rechargeable)
  7. Battery casing with 4 batteries 2 pieces
  8. ON / OFF Switch
  9. Cable terminal
  10. Device that is used to process charge in a car
Tools and Material that Used
(Source: Screenshot of Utakatikmikro Blog)

After you prepare all, and now you can begin to build simple power bank with follow step-by-step as follow:
  1. Take part used for charging mobile phone in the car, then disassemble and take a series of PCB therein, as shown as Figure 1. below. This PCB contain of DC to DC converter that used to down the voltage. And then you can remove this PCB from the box.
    Figure 1. Electronic DC to DC Converter
    (Source: Screenshot of Utakatikmikro Blog)
  2. Then you can set the PCB in the casing that prepared and you can use a glue gun or glue to attach PCB firing into the casing, as shown Figure 2. below.
    Figure 2. Set PCB to Chasing
    (Source: Screenshot of Utakatikmikro Blog)
  3. Steps then you are ready to make the process of wiring circuits using additional cable, please you connect the blue which is a cable (+) with a red wire and cable yellow color which is cable (-) to the black wire, cable positive or colored red connect with the switch ON / OFF, and then you connect the cable to the cable terminal as shown in Figure 3. below.
    Figure 3. Connect Positive and Negative Terminal
    (Source: Screenshot of Utakatikmikro Blog)
  4. After the wiring process is completed then the next step is to conduct a series of testing, testing ways you can do by connecting the circuit with a 10V DC power supply and connect with our Hp respectively as shown in Figure 4. below.
    Figure 4. Testing use 10 VDC from PSA
    (Source: Screenshot of Utakatikmikro Blog)
  5. If the charging process can take place perfectly, congratulation. Your power bank you've finished, but it is not finished, we have to replace the DC Power Supply with battery.
  6. And now you can replace source of voltage 10 volt from power supply, and then you can use 8 cell batteries that you should insert to 2 pieces chasing battery, like in Figure 5. below.
    Figure 5. Replace Voltage from PSA with Cell Batteries
    (Source: Screenshot of Utakatikmikro Blog)
  7. And now you can use it your power bank to charge your smartphone easily using data cable USB.

Thank you for your coming here in site, we hope the article above will help you to know more about your eletronic circuit design software and other. Please comment here when you want to share and other. Thank you.


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