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How to Build Series Commutated SCR SSS Solar Charge Control

ElcoHow. - Do you want to build solar charger for your smartphone or gadget device in this time? In here we will give you one application of solar charge control based on SCR like this project.

Beside we will give you circuit schematicSeries Commutated SCR SSS Solar Charge Control using Based on SCR, MOSFET and also component used, in here we also will give you global description about this circuit and also skill needed and other.

Electronic Circuit
Component List
  1. SCR
  3. Transistors
  4. LED
  5. Capacitors
  6. Zener Diode
  7. Diode
  8. TL431

Electronic circuit like in Figure 1 above is Series Commutated SCR SSS Solar Charge Control circuit. From this circuit, A series commutated SCR makes a very unusual Solid State Switch in this solar charge regulator control. Advantages include simplicity and robustness. The SCR performs (3) functions: switch, latch and reverse polarity diode (reverse blocking thyristor). The SCR conducts the charging current from the solar panel to the battery while a series MOSFET performs the function of commutating (turning off) the SCR current at the end of the conduction period. All circuitry consists of readily available discrete components.

According Electroschematics site that published this circuit describe that the SCR has its gate driven by a PUT (Programmable Unijunction Transistor) gate driver. The advantage is high gate drive current (100mA peak), fast pulse rise-time and Schmitt Trigger type of operation. Q1 is wired as a free-running oscillator that outputs pulses every 6seconds (0.1HZ). Resistors R3 & R4 bias the gate of the PUT at mid voltage. When C1 charges to one junction drop above the gate voltage, it fires and the charge in C1 is dumped into the SCR gate. R5 limits the peak current and extends the pulse duration. When the PUT anode voltage drops below the threshold current, the PUT turns off and the cycle repeats.


To build Series Commutated SCR SSS Solar Charge Control, you need some skill as follow:
  1. Basic soldering.
  2. Read a basic schematic.
  3. Assembling electronic component
  4. Design PCB layout
  5. Testing voltage and current
Tools and Material

In this project, you must prepare some tools and material that used as the supporting to build Series Commutated SCR SSS Solar Charge Control as follow:
  1. Tools: soldering iron, cutter, multitester, and Project Board.
  2. Material: Tin, PCB

When you want to realize this Series Commutated SCR SSS Solar Charge Control circuit into real application, you can build it as like design PCB layout using good software as like: PCB Wizard. 

How to do?

For more information about this project step-by-step you can follow this project of How to Build Series Commutated SCR SSS Solar Charge Control you can read below.
  1. Prepare electronic component listed, material and tools needed.
  2. Firstly you can try this circuit using project board tool.
  3. After you surely with this circuit work properly, now you can begin with design PCB using PCB Wizard.
  4. After designed, now you can make the PCB layout to put these components. You can make PCB by your self or order it according your PCB layout design.
  5. Put all component to the PCB layout and soldering all component.
  6. Now you can test, input and output voltage and current from this circuit. Please read caution below.
  7. Please see more about listing program and other of this Series Commutated SCR SSS Solar Charge Control here.
  • Do not put all semiconductor component like MOSFET, Diode, SCR, Transistors reverse.
  • Using heat sink for component that can make heat.

Thank you for your coming here in site, we hope the article above will help you to know more about your eletronic circuit design software and other. Please comment here when you want to share and other. Thank you.


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