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How to Build Arduino UNO Digital Power Switch

ElcoHow. - Do you want to build digital power switch using Arduino UNO? In here we will give you one project base on Arduino UNO for digital power switch that will give you reference for you about Arduino UNO application and implementation.

In here we will give you electronic circuit of Arduino UNO Digital Power Switch, component list, and description. And then we will give you link to allow to know more about this project from original source like listing program, more pictures and others.

Electronic Circuit

Figure 1. Electronic Circuit of  Arduino UNO Digital Power Switch
(Source: Screenshot of Electroschematics)

Component List
  1. Resistors
  2. LED
  3. Transistor
  4. SCR
  5. Capacitors
  6. Optocoupler MOC3041

Arduino Digital Power Switch is a “silent” digital electric switch circuit built around the exemplary µC Arduino (UNO) and a homemade solid-state relay (SSR). The finished system, which operates in low voltage dc catered by the usb port, can be used to toggle (switch on/off) a mains powered device through your desktop/laptop computer.

Only a few commonly available elecronic components are required as additional hardware for this little project/experiment. First of all, just follow the schematic to build your own solid-state relay switch, and then connect its input terminals (J1) to digital pin 13 (D12) and ground (GND) of the Arduino microcontroller as indicated. Output terminals (J2) of the circuit work like an electric switch. Since output section carries dangerously high ac mains voltages, take adequate precautions to avoid fatal electric shock. Use of a good-quality plastic/rubber enclosure looks good in this respect.

Now you can connect the Arduino to your computer. Next, copy-paste the given code, compile it, and upload to the microcontroller through the arduino IDE (as usual). The code is as simple as it gets, it reads from serial and if receives “1” the drive pin (D12) goes high and if “2” the pin goes low. You can test your project from the Arduino Environment by simply opening the Serial Monitor (under Tools) and sending pre-defined on/off commands from the computer keyboard (1 = load ON / 2 = load OFF).


And now you can read more about this project of Arduino UNO Digital Power Switch like Arduino listing program and other information HERE.

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