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0-15V / 5A Stabilized Adjustable Power Supply Based on 741 and 2N3055 - Electronic Circuit Schematic Diagram

ElcoHow. - Sometime we need power supply for testing electronic project with diverse voltage needed, it nice when you provide stabilized adjustable power supply that allow you to change value of output voltage according voltage you need.

In here we will show you one kinds electronic circuit of stabilized adjustable power supply that give you output voltage 0 - 15 volt and 5 ampere like in Figure 1 below. Beside you can enjoy the circuit and component list, you also will get global information about this circuit.

Electronic Circuit

Figure 1. 0-15V / 5A Stabilized Adjustable Power Supply Circuit
(Source: Screenshot of Electroschematics)

Component List
  1. Transformer
  2. Bridge Diode
  3. Capacitors
  4. Zener Diodes
  5. Resistors
  6. Lamp
  7. 741 IC
  8. BC140 transistor
  9. BC107 transistor
  10. 2N3055 transistor

Electronic circuit like in Figure 1. above is 0-15V / 5A Stabilized Adjustable Power Supply Based on 741 and 2N3055 circuit. In this circuit above the component vital are 741 IC and transistor 2N3055. According to the datasheet LM741 IC is a general purpose single operational amplifier. The UA741 is a high performance monolithic operational amplifier constructed on a single silicon chip. The features and used of this IC as follow:

741 features
  • Large input voltage range
  • No latch-up
  • High gain
  • Short-circuit protection
  • No frequency compensation required
  • Same pin configuration as UA709
741 usage
  • Summing amplifier
  • Voltage follower
  • Integrator
  • Active filter
  • Function generator
And 2N3055 is a single diffused NPN silicon transistor in TO 3 case. It is designed for general-purpose switching and amplifier applications. The collector is electrically connected to the case. The 2N3055 transistor is particularly suitable for use in powerfull AF output stages and in stabilized power supply units.

According Electroschematics site describe that this regulated power supply like in Figure 1. above, can be adjusted between a few volts and 15V with P1 and with P2 adjust the upper limit ( 15.0V ). R6 value is 0.7V / Imax where Imax is the maximum current. At Imax = 5A, R6 is 0.14Ω

T1 and T2 must have heatsinks because power losses are great at a low output voltage and a Imax equal current but you can connect the lamp L to reduce this losses. I’ve build this adjustable power supply and works great! I hope you’ll enjoy it too and have fun build this great stabilized power supply.

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