Sunday, March 8, 2015

How to Schedule a Post in Blogspot Easily

ElcoHow. - For you who interesting using Blogspot to make a blog freely, now you can schedule your a post easily using features that given by Blogspot. With this schedule your post will publish according a time that you need automatically.

With schedule your post you can take your time full to write article for your blog and can take rest for moment but your article will publish continue according time that you want. So, it is will make you easy to manage your blog post. In here we will show you guidance with pictures How to Schedule a Post on Blogspot Easily.

1. Visit your to write your article or post normally. And before publish your post you can follow the steps below.

2. Go to the post setting in the right on your post writing to set your post schedule.

3. Click "Schedule" to set posting schedule.

4. Click choice "Set date and Time" not on "Automatic". Now you can set date and time when you want your post will be published automatically. 

5. And then click "Done" button.

6. And the last you can click "Publish" button. 

7. This will allow you to see that your post will publish according your date and time scheduled. 

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