Monday, March 2, 2015

How to do Troubleshooting the Remote Desktop Sharing from Manage Engine

elcoHow. - When you concern in Operating Systems, we think you will not foreign again with the term  Remote Desktop Sharing. This term is now popular enough in operating system. So, there are many application The Remote Desktop Sharing that develop based on Windows system, MAC system, and Linux system.

One the Remote Desktop Sharing product is from Manage Engine. The Remote Desktop Sharing feature in Desktop Central enables administrators to access remote computers in a network. This Web-based feature enables you to access computers in both Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN).

In this article will not discuss more about the Remote Desktop Sharing from Manage Engine but focused about guidance for you on How to do Troubleshooting the Remote Desktop Sharing from Manage Engine.

1. When you able to connect to a desktop from remote, but nothing is visible. The solution you can enable ActiveX controls in the browser from where a connection is established. Refer to the Pre-requisites topic for details on configuration. If you are connecting to a desktop for the first time, log in to the system as a local administrator and connect. Subsequent connections from the same machine do not require administrative privileges as the necessary ActiveX controls and plug-ins would have got downloaded.

2. When you getting an "Access Denied" error when I try to connect to a remote desktop. The solution you can try define again the Scope of Management (SoM) is invalid or changed or no.

3. When you select a desktop from the list, the status is always shown as not available, though the system is up. The solution you can try again enable with the "Don't Allow Exceptions" option selected. Disable the firewall to connect to that machine from remote.

4. When you able to connect to a remote Desktop. But, the display is not proper. The solution please you do  by try to change the screen resolution using the Zoom in / Zoom Out icons.


  1. When you get other problem after using emote Desktop Sharing from Manage Engine, you can contact the technical support to help solve your problem.
  2. You also can read the other question and solution to do troubleshooting from the original site using link source below.
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