Saturday, March 28, 2015

How can Augmented Reality Technology Helping the Blind People to See

elcoHow. - The increasingly rapid development of remarkable effect to the service of humanity. Intel developed the Augmented Reality technology to form a vision to those who can not see the alias blind.

Augmented Reality, Teknologi yang Membantu Tunanetra Melihat

Many new devices that facilitate ways to improve the reality, to make life easier.

Word Lens, which was recently acquired by Google Translate can translate signs or restaurant menus into all languages. Other applications, Sky Map, could help identify stars and planets in the night sky.

In London, interactive AR technology to give instructions to visitors to help dig deeper in exhibitions at the museum.

Rajiv Mongia, Director of the Intel RealSense Interaction Design Group, are realizing how AR technology can expand the perception and cooperate well with the physical environment around us.

Rajiv Mongia and his team are developing a prototype that has the potential to help blind and visually impaired people to gain a better knowledge of the surrounding environment.

This system, using 3D camera technology and vibrating sensors integrated into clothing. This prototype works by looking for information deepest sense the environment around the user.

Feedback sent to users via haptic technology that uses a vibration motor in the body to provide feedback. Mongia compare this with the vibration mode on the smartphone device.

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