Thursday, March 12, 2015

Free Download ExpressPCB 2015 for Windows

elcoHow. - Here is one of free CAD software for PCB design that called with ExpressPCB. We post this article with said ExpressPCB 2015 because the year we publish this article in 2015. Back to ExpressPCB that this software will allow you to design PCB layout freely and easy for your electronic project.

Figure 1. ExpressPCB Screenshot

With this article we will give you global information about ExpressPCB for Windows and then we will give you one link to take Free Download ExpressPCB for Windows from external server hosting easily.


From electronic-lab :
The ExpressPCBWindows layout software makes designing PC boards simple for the beginner and efficient for the professional. Its standard Windows user interface uses
all the familiar commands such as copy, cut, paste & dragging.


And now you can use link below to take Free Download ExpressPCB 2015 for Windows. Please provide more than 10MB free disk to save this file. And after download this software you can install in your computer and start to use this ExpressPCB.

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