Saturday, February 28, 2015

How to Repair Button in Universal TV Remote Control is not Working

ElcoHow. - Sometimes we find that there are some buttons in our universal TV remote control can not working properly. For example when we press and hold the up and down volume in universal TV remote control but can not give response in our TV. We can say that the button is not working to transmit a infrared signal to infrared receiver in TV after we press and hold other buttons and give the response with transmit a infrared signal.

To know more about where the button in universal TV remote control you can check it using guidance on How to check if a Universal TV remote control can transmita Infrared signal. You can check one by one where the buttons remote is not working properly.

This article will guide you to repair Button in Universal  TV Remote Control is not Working after you check the button remote control is not working properly. So, please follow step by step this guidance.

1. Prepare your universal TV remote control that you sure the button is not working properly. Prepare also pliers, cloth wipes and pencil with good carbon like 2B pencils and others. Note: carbon pencil should be exfoliated or ready to write.

2. Open battery cell from the universal TV remote control with firstly open the battery cell cap.

3. Open remote control using pliers. Careful when you open the remote control firstly, look for the best place to open firstly. Usually in the battery cell cap.

4. After firstly opened on remote control, you can continue with open until finish and opened. You may have to make your way into the crack on the side/edge of the remote, while using your hands to pop it open.

5. Release the circuit board from the remote control casing. You should not to release keypad from the remote control casing.

6. Clean the circuit board to remove any dirt and oil using cloth wipes. Check, after cleaning, if the remote is working again; dirt could be the only problem. Just rub the circuit board down with a cloth wipes and let everything dry out.

7. Use carbon from 2B pencils with rub it to carbon button part. Do it until the button full with carbon from 2B pencils.

8. Back to assembly your universal TV remote control like before until finish. Please also insert the battery cell and close the cap. And the last you can try to check the button working properly.

Note : 
  1. This is only one way to Button in Universal  TV Remote Control is not Working, maybe there are many method to repair this button remote control.
  2. When your experiment still make your Button in Universal  TV Remote Control is not Working, please do again until succeed.

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