Saturday, February 28, 2015

How to Make our Television Set Secure from the Children

elcoHow. - There are many household that very dangerous for the children. One of the dangerous household is television set. Beside it will make dangerous for the children, television set also will broke if the children can reach and drop the television from the nice place.

In this condition we must keep our television or make sure that our television set secure from the children that can make broken. This article will show you some step as your guidance on How to make our Television set Secure from the Children.

1. Placing our television set far from the reach of children. You can place television with more high than children high. It is also will secure when you using LCD TV and can placing on the wall with standard height.

2. Release the electric contact far from the children. Release the electric power television when television not used. It will secure from the children to avoid electric short.

3. Keep your children when near from television set. Always control him when want to reach the television. Make sure that children can enjoy the television.


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