Saturday, February 28, 2015

How to Install Changhong Television Set with Sony DVD Player

elcoHow. - Beside can receive television signal channel, television set also can be used to display when we want to play DVD or VCD player. It is because television set also completed with input and output port for DVD or VCD player device and others. So, we can enjoy movie, song, and other music from DVD player to the television set.

In here we will give you guidance step by step on How to Install Changhong Television Set with Sony DVD Player. So, in here we will use Changhong television set and also Sony DVD player in this guidance and you also can adapt this guidance when you want to install other television set and also DVD player from other producer.

1. Make sure that television and DVD player can work properly. It is also need RCA cable connector for our installation.

2. Looking for the video and audio input in the television set. Note: in changhong television set the audio and video input port there are in front and rear television.

3. Looking for also video and audio port output in DVD player. Note : in Sony DVD player audio and video output port there are in rear DVD player.

4. Insert all RCA connector cable in video and audio port input television set and also in video and audio port output DVD player. Note: you can suite with the color from port and cable color to make easily installation.

5. Make sure all the connection is connecting truly and can work properly.

6. Your installation is finished and ready to use.

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